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Sportsfriends (2014)

Sportsfriends (2014)

PS3, PS4, Windows, Mac, Linux

"Sportsfriends is the most exciting local multiplayer game since Wii Sports."

- Scott Thompson, IGN

Sportsfriends is a tight-knit compendium of award-winning local multiplayer games for living rooms, parties, and even backyards!

Featuring: retro-styled fighting game BaraBariBall, QWOP-like pole vault dueling game Super Pole Riders, high-velocity sports game Hokra, and face-to-face physical party game Johann Sebastian Joust.

Sportsfriends was crowd-funded on Kickstarter.

The game is available on PlayStation 3 & 4 and Home Computers.

Visit our press kit for more information and high-res assets.

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