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One Cool Thing Podcast

One Cool Thing Podcast

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One Cool Thing is a podcast speaking with people in and around videogames about 'one cool thing' not from games which is really fascinating them at the moment.

One of the founding principles of Die Gute Fabrik is interdisciplinarity - collaborating with people from other art forms to bring fresh ideas to video games. And that’s also what’s at the heart of this podcast series, where we ask the question: what not from games is shaping how people think about making games right now?

As host, each week Die Gute Fabrik Studio Lead Hannah Nicklin will introduce a guest from and around videogames, before getting into a deep dive into what their 'one cool thing' is, how it’s shaping their thoughts at the moment, and what they hope it could offer others.

We hope this is a chance to hear more about the practices of cool folks working in games, and somewhere where we can all reflect on how we think about how we make things together.

One Cool Thing Production Credits

One Cool Thing is hosted by Die Gute Fabrik's Studio Lead Hannah Nicklin and is produced, edited and sound designed by Tom Whalley. Additional production and research by Úna-Minh Kavanagh and our theme music by Nick Ellis who can be found on Bandcamp as tenby.

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