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Saltsea Chronicles: Meet the Team!

Saltsea Chronicles: Meet the Team!

Meet the team behind the brand new story-driven adventure game Saltsea Chronicles in this short little introduction video featuring just some of the folks who brought the wonderful world of Saltsea to life.

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The video features a small selection of the wonderful writers, storytellers, artists, programmers and producers who helped bring the world of Saltsea Chronicles to life.

The in-game credits will list the full list of folks involved roles and responsibilities, and all of our wonderful external collaborators, so do check that out when the game releases!

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About Saltsea Chronicles

Set in a post-flood world, Saltsea Chronicles allows you to guide a misfit crew in search of their missing captain. The investigation and the decisions you make will see you explore a series of beautiful and intriguing islands, meet different communities, and see the lives of people built on the ruins of what came before – all as you unravel the mystery at the heart of the game.

Saltsea Chronicles - coming soon to PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch & PC.

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