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Presenting: The 'One Cool Thing' Podcast

Presenting: The 'One Cool Thing' Podcast

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One of the slightly frustrating things about game dev is that you're often working with lots of brilliant people but on things you can't talk about for years. That's why we created the One Cool Thing stream of blog posts giving our team members room to talk about what inspires and influences them, without having to talk about things which are still under wraps.

A colourful screenshot from Mutazione where several characters are gathered in the bar and listening to the band perform

At the same time we've also been watching one of our main ways of connecting with our fans and communities to share those posts - Twitter - gently collapse. In that context we wanted to new find ways to continue the conversation with and within our communities, as well as focussing on our values of interdisciplinarity, excellence, and care.

Enter: One Cool Thing - THE PODCAST

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YouTube & Instagram will also feature episodes, excerpts and reminders.

Taking into account our Studio Lead Hannah Nicklin's own interdisciplinary skills from theatre and community performance (talking, thinking, asking useful questions for people to tell their own story) we figured the new path we could chart was obvious. Let's create a podcast! And not just chatting with people from within the Die Gute Fabrik collaborator community, but also beyond to notable folks working in and around games from all over.

One Cool Thing, therefore, is a podcast speaking with people in and around videogames about One Cool Thing not from games which is really fascinating them at the moment. One of the founding principles of Die Gute Fabrik is interdisciplinarity - collaborating with people from other art forms to bring fresh ideas to video games. And that’s also what’s at the heart of this podcast series: what not from games is shaping how people think about making games right now?

A screen shot from Mutazione of Tung, Miu and Kai sitting around a firepit at night.

As host, each week Hannah will introduce the exciting guest and their practice to you before getting into a deep dive into what their One Cool Thing is, how it’s shaping their thoughts at the moment and what they hope it could offer others.

This a chance to hear more about the practices of cool folks working in games, and hopefully somewhere where we can all reflect on how we think about how we make things together.

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YouTube & Instagram will also feature episodes, excerpts and reminders.

Have a listen to our season one trailer below:

Who will be on Season One?

In Season One we will meet people with whom DGF have collaborated on our current project and people from the wider community who influence our own work and thoughts.

Here's a few of the people to expect on Season One of One Cool Thing (more folks might be added as we continue to record folks):

  • Doug Wilson (he/him) - Die Gute Fabrik
  • Mike Cook (he/him) - Senior Lecturer in AI at King's College London
  • Halima Hassan (she/her) - Die Gute Fabrik collaborator
  • Jake Elliott (he/him) - Writer and co-developer at Cardboard Computer
  • V Buckenham (they/them) - independent developer
  • Nicole He (she/her) - independent developer
  • Kaitlin Tremblay (they/them) - Narrative Director at Soft Rains
  • Kate Dollarhyde (she/her) - Previously Narrative Designer at Obsidian, with exciting new things in the works.
  • Moo Yu (He/him) - Game Developer at Team Artichoke
  • Josie Giles (she/they) - Die Gute Fabrik collaborator
  • Aran Koning (he/him) - Game Developer at Sokpop
  • Cara Ellison (she/her) - Senior Narrative Designer at Sony Entertainment

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One Cool Thing Production Credits

One Cool Thing is hosted by Die Gute Fabrik's Studio Lead Hannah Nicklin and is produced, edited and sound designed by Tom Whalley. Additional production and research by Úna-Minh Kavanagh and our theme music by Nick Ellis who can be found on Bandcamp as tenby.

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