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2014 - PS3, PS4, Windows, Mac, Linux.

"Joust [is] something truly special, a new way to think about how we use this traditional videogame technology in radically new ways." –  Venus Patrol

Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers.

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The goal is to be the last player remaining. When the music — J.S. Bach's ‌Brandenburg Concertos — plays in slow-motion, the controllers are extremely sensitive to movement. When the music speeds up, the threshold becomes less strict, giving the players a small window to dash at their opponents. If your controller is ever moved beyond the allowable threshold, you're out! Try to jostle your opponents' controllers while protecting your own.

The game available on PlayStation 3 & 4 as part of the Sportsfriends compendium. It is also coming to Home Computers in Summer 2014.

For more information and high-res images, see our presskit.

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