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FAQ Saltsea Chronicles

FAQ Saltsea Chronicles

We've been receiving some great questions we’ve been getting from the community on our socials and we thought we’d share them here too. Saltsea Chronicles is a story-driven adventure game where (instead of guiding a hero) you guide a whole ship's whole crew as they investigate the mystery of their missing captain.

What platforms is Saltsea Chronicles available on?

We are delighted to announce that Saltsea Chronicles is out now on PlayStation 5, Steam,, Mac, PC, Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. The Steam version is also Steam Deck Verified, and can be played via the cloud using GeForce NOW. You can check out our Steam store page for the game’s minimum hardware specs.

Will Saltsea Chronicles be on mobile?

There are no current plans for iOS/Android. But if it's a version you can carry with you that you're after there we do have Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck support!

Will you have native Linux Support?

While we didn’t ship or support natively on Linux at launch the game is playable on Linux machines using Proton.

Note: Our ongoing support focus will primarily be for the Steam Deck, so we'll be unable to provide more general Linux platform support.

Does Saltsea Chronicles feature Localisation across different languages?

We're afraid that because of the word count (~500k words!), the cost of localising is ~30-50% of our entire budget, so it’s not something we could have launched with. But if the game is relatively successful it’s definitely top of our post-launch priorities.

Can you tell us more about the music in the game?

We worked with Eli Rainsberry (they/them) on the music for Saltsea Chronicles, they’re a brilliant and prolific composer - you might know their work from Wilmot’s Warehouse and No Longer Home.

Take a look at Eli's contribution to this year's Save&Sound music festival where they talk about creating the music for Saltsea.

Is the game identical on all platforms? including an in-game achievement system for platforms that don’t have the infrastructure for it?

The game has feature-parity across all platforms – including achievements/trophies, which we implemented on the Switch version using an in-game achievements system. The PlayStation 5 version has a platinum trophy which is unique to that platform, and that is the only difference.

The only other exceptions to the cross-platform parity are a handful of Nintendo Switch-specific optimisations on some of our shaders and animation, and occasional temporary differences that might appear as a result of when patches are delivered (some platforms take longer than others).

Are there any bonuses for having save data from a different video game?

No, the game is entirely standalone.

Is there anything permanently missable, even rewards for fulfilling specific conditions?

In Saltsea Chronicles, you may make choices as a player that lead you down different pathways through the same mystery — you will be investigating the same overall mystery as other players, but you will make choices that focus on different characters, and in certain chapters take you to different locations. You will need to replay a few times to see everything and to fill out your Almanac sticker-book.

However, we’ve built a custom save branching system and multiple save slots which makes it very easy for you to branch a new save from any existing and already-played chapter, so the game is designed to not just support replaying but to encourage exploring the possibility space of the story.

What is Saltsea’s ESRB rating?

Our ESRB rating is Everyone 10+ / PEGI 7.

Find out more in our press kit on our dedicated Saltsea Chronicles website here.

Saltsea Chronicles is out now on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Set in a post-flood world, Saltsea Chronicles allows you to guide a misfit crew in search of their missing captain. The investigation and the decisions you make will see you explore a series of beautiful and intriguing islands, meet different communities, and see the lives of people built on the ruins of what came before – all as you unravel the mystery at the heart of the game.

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