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Die Neuen Guten*

Die Neuen Guten*

* German: The New Good(People)**
**  Did you know our name is German, not Danish? We're based in Denmark, but founded by folks from Denmark, Germany and the USA and currently contain folks from - a this last count - 14 countries!

Over at Die Gute Fabrik's wonderful online workspace we're delighted to be welcoming several new regular and ongoing collaborators to the team around the Exciting New Thing. We can't tell you more about that yet, but we continue to be thrilled about the team of talented so-and-so's that we're bringing together around the work. As ever, not all of these people are full time, but in the spirit of sticking to a four day week and being anti-crunch, we're eager to identify when departments need more support, and also it just takes a lot of people to make a game!

Halima Azan Hassan

We're thrilled to announce that our 2022 Die Gute Fabrik Games Writing Intern is Halima Azan Hassan, a London-based writer and editor who has previously worked on zines, comics and editorial pieces including a short comic about Halloween and as a guest editor to a self-published zine platforming young Muslim writers from across the UK! She's joining our writing team, and we can't wait to introduce Halima fully to you with a dedicated blog post, but in the meantime she's doing a lot of onboarding reading and catching up with the world of our game. We hope you're excited as we are to see her join us, and there'll be a full intro post from her soon.

Wishing Char well!

This next intro is a bittersweet introduction, as it also marks our wonderful Char Putney leaving the team. Char has had a can't-turn-down offer of funding for her co-created AI creative writing tool LAIKA alongside her partner Martin Pichlmair,  so we bid her a sad but supportive farewell. And thank her for all her incredible work as our Story Lead through pre-production until now. Follow Char and Martin on Twitter and don't miss what they do next!

Leah Muwanga-Magoye

But the sweet part of that bittersweet news, is that we're delighted to welcome Leah Muwanga-Magoye from the UK to the team as our new Story Lead. Leah is an incredibly accomplished narrative designer who also has a rich interdisciplinary background which encompasses global education and empowerment work, theatre practices, film, documentary and music videos. It's an honour to bring Leah on board to steer our story team towards our production goals, and we're thrilled to be bringing her energy and experience to the project. To read more about Leah, check out her website or her LinkedIn.

Mikäel Bourget

We're super delighted to welcome Frenchman Mikaël Bourget to the team as our part time internal QA manager! We're delighted to be able to resource an in-house person to support the QA and testing of the game during production. Mikaël has an incredibly rich background in making games work well in all contexts as the CEO of porting house and publisher Nakana. Now Mikaël is eager to get his hands back into the making of games, and will run this role alongside his responsibilities at Nakana. Fun fact: Nakana has ported several games such as Those Eyes' Cosmic Top Secret, and some of Die Gute Fabrik's pals' games — Copenhagen-based Loveable Hat Cult's Journey of a Broken Circle, and also the excellent Ida Hartmann (with Nilla games)'s award-winning Stilstand. Mikaël isn't on Twitter personally, but you can follow @nakanagames and find more about Nakana and the games they've worked with at

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly is a brilliant animator and illustrator based in the UK. Emma joins the excellent Rosanna Wan to form a duo of part-time animator/illustrators supporting the work of our core art team, making sure that the world of the game we're building is alive and full. You can follow Emma on Insta @emmakelly_animation, where she posts work in progress, announcements and snippets from her work, and for the full showreel/polished examples of her work check out her portfolio.

Ronja Böhringer

Ronja is an excellent graphics programmer based in Berlin. We're super excited about welcoming Ronja to support our art department on a part-time basis, bringing their vision for the visuals of the game to life. Ronja is the second member of our team to come from the ranks of the team behind NUTS, by the way, which you should definitely check out. In the meantime, follow Ronja on Twitter @totallyRonja, and check out her portfolio on her website.

Rudi Kolenc

The final recent addition to our art and animation team is UK-based Rudi Kolenc, who is supporting Angus alongside Ronja as part of the tech art team on some special stuff we can't go into a tonne of detail about here! We're super lucky to be able to add Rudi's experience and talent into the mix for a period of time. He's done some beautiful work on recent games such as Floor 13: Deep State where he was the Art Director and Lost Words, Beyond the Page. Check out his full portfolio over on his website, and follow him on Twitter at @rudikolenc

CEO and Creative Lead at Die Gute Fabrik, Writer and Narrative Designer on Mutazione.
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