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Die Gute Fabrik is Halting Production

Die Gute Fabrik is Halting Production

We’re sad to share with you all the news that Die Gute Fabrik is halting production.

The publishing and investment scene is so tough for companies and projects of our scale right now it's made it extremely difficult for Die Gute Fabrik to secure funding for our next project without a gap in income.

We halted production on the 19th Feb, and used our remaining runway to give the current team a month of paid time to catch their breaths. We will still try and seek funding to resume production, but wanted to announce this publicly in order that the team can share that they’re looking for new roles. We have also provided mentoring and career support in this period. Our leadership team (Nils & Hannah) will also be looking for new positions.

Die Gute Fabrik ApS will continue to operate to service our past IPs. Production may resume again under Nils Deneken as CEO should the company find funding in future years, and if so we hope to welcome back our excellent collaborators where possible.

We’ve been making games since 2008, and are so proud of the work we’ve put out and the people we’ve made it with. Thank you for playing our games.

Die Gute Fabrik.

Please check out this sheet of the current team members we are working with who are now looking for new opportunities. We've been honoured to collaborate with them, both on Saltsea Chronicles, and on our unannounced prototype. Jump at the chance to hire them!

CEO and Creative Lead at Die Gute Fabrik, Writer and Narrative Designer on Mutazione.
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