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Two years have passed since Mutazione’s original launch, and we're excited to celebrate with a brand new story-focussed update, out now on all platforms.

While our last two updates focused on bringing Garden Mode to the game and unlocking all seven gardens to plant beautiful musical compositions in, Penpal offers an epilogue to Mutazione’s story - for all platforms!

After finishing story mode and over the course of a week, Penpal mode ('Letters' in the menu) will allow you to explore small updates from the Mutazione community two years on from the action of the main game. You’ll explore their stories by composing letters from your favorite Mutazione’s residents, and unlock a new letter every day. Check out the trailer here!

Draft letters, catch up on the gossip, receive photos and even new seeds! This free update offers a gentle expansion on the story’s conclusion.

New exclusive seeds!

Just like the Garden Mode and the Seven Gardens updates, Penpal includes new seeds for players to uncover. For each letter you receive, your friends will send you new special seeds to add to your collection. Plant new sounds in your gardens, or trade with friends to grow your collection.


  • Available on updating and finishing the main game.
  • Hear from the island community and catch up with what has happened in the past two years.
  • Receive new seeds and sounds from old friends.
  • Beautiful photographs show snippets of action, two years on.

PlayStation 4 | Steam | | Apple Arcade | Xbox platforms | Nintendo Switch

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CEO and Creative Lead at Die Gute Fabrik, Writer and Narrative Designer on Mutazione.
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