Rowdy Holidays! Sportsfriends comes to Steam & Humble this Friday!

Sportsfriends Holidays!

It’s a holiday miracle! Sportsfriends is finally coming to home computers this Friday, December 19, via Steam and the Humble Store.

We debuted the PSN version earlier this year, and our Home Computers backers already had access to the beta, but now the general public will be able to get the game too! We’re super excited to open up the game to as many people as possible.

Sportsfriends works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. However, Johann Sebastian Joust is only supported on Mac and Linux, as we were not able to get it working on Windows. (See today’s backer update for more info). The other games work nicely on all three platforms.

To press and streamers, get in touch if you want to hear more, review the game, interview us, etc. Also see the Sportsfriends press kit.

To everyone else, we need your help getting the word out! Tell your friends and family about Sportsfriends! Give the game a good review on Steam! Play with your loved ones over the holidays!

And yes, we’re still looking to open source JS Joust. The game was built on top of open source projects, and we feel some responsibility to give back to the community. After we release on Steam and Humble this week and handle any support issues, our programmer Jonathan is going to continue his work preparing the source.

More from us on Friday when the game goes live on Steam and Humble!

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