Where is my Heart coming to Windows, Mac, Linux

When? This Spring!

What? Our puzzle platformer game, Where is my Heart?

Where? Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Can you be more specific? Not yet, but stay tuned for more news!

And remember that the game is already out on PSN, for your PSP and PS3.

(Game journalists, drop us an email if you want to chat with us about the game at GDC next week.)

9 Responses to Where is my Heart coming to Windows, Mac, Linux

  1. thp says:

    Die gute Neuigkeit! Looking forward to the release, still have to finish the game on the PS3, though 😉

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  4. Christopher says:

    I just tried this out at Eurogamer Expo. I’m really looking forward to getting it for PC or Mac.

    Will it be distributed through Steam or direct from this website?

  5. Nikkolai says:

    Love this game! Recently suggested it as the topic for one of our up coming Game Club discussion presented during the weekly Philly Dev Night. Each month we select a game to play, and then discuss it as a group during Dev Night (http://PhillyDevNight.com).

    Any updates on when we might see it on Mac/PC? Thanks!