Sportsfriends at PAX East 2014

We’re exhibiting at PAX East again this year!

We’ll be at the Indie MEGABOOTH all weekend (booth #481) showing the finished PlayStation 3 + 4 builds of Sportsfriends! (Yup, we finally completed the PlayStation versions last week and will be announcing a release date soon).

We’re running daily tournaments:

Super Pole Riders
Friday, April 11, 3pm
Gute Fabrik booth
1v1 matches

Saturday, April 12, 3pm
Gute Fabrik booth
1v1 matches

Johann Sebastian Joust
Saturday, April 12, 8pm
To Be Determinedask us at the booth
2v2 matches

Sunday, April 13, 3pm
Gute Fabrik booth
2v2 matches

Sign-ups are free, and there will be prizes! Come sign-up in person at our booth.

We’re also showing Sportsfriends on Friday evening at BigSushi’s party. If you’re in the Boston area, we hope to see you there!

Sportsfriends at MAGFest 2014



Noah and I are headed to MAGFest this week! And we’re bringing Sportsfriends and J.S. Joust with us.

We’ll be in Expo C all of Friday and Saturday, exhibiting the latest (near-final!) PS3 build. Come play with us! Win Sportsfriends swag!

In addition to general free play, we’re running six tournaments / special sessions:


Massive J.S. Joust!
Friday, 2pm, Expo B
Come help us play the largest game of J.S. Joust ever run. I’m bringing the special installation version of the game, and we’re going to shoot for 30+ players!

Super Pole Riders
Friday, 5pm, Expo C
1v1 tournament

Last Night J.S. Joust Session #1
Friday, 11:59pm, Expo C
Solo tournament

Saturday, 1pm, Expo C
2v2 tournament

Saturday, 4pm, Expo C
1v1 tournament

Last Night J.S. Joust Session #2
Sunday, 1am, Expo C
Teams tournament


Sign-up with us on site.

Hope to see you there! Meanwhile, you can check out the full MAGFest schedule here.

Where Is My Heart – Update


Hey everybody.

I know, I know…  we promised to get Where is my Heart? out on Steam in September. What happened?? Unfortunately development took so much longer than expected. We’ve been delayed by plenty of things, deployment related troubles. Bugs we found really hard to fix. Obscure system related crashes. In short, not so much fun. Currently we’re still dealing with a bug that crashes only some constellations of OSX 10.9 – very strange.

On the upside this gives us extra time to add a little more here and there, and some new levels. You can see a screenshot of one of our new levels above.

We’re doing our very best to release this winter. I’ll keep you posted how we progress. <3

-Bernie Schulenburg

7 Train Game Jam

trainmafia(Photo by Lia Bulaong)

Hey NYC!

Do you like games? How about trains? How about games played on trains?!

Together with the fine folks at Come Out & Play, we’re co-organizing a small game jam to make simple “Big Games” / folk games to be played on the NYC subway.

What: Games on trains!
When: Sunday, Nov 24, Noon
Where: Meet on Times Square 7 train platform
Who: You and other fun people!
Why: Games on trains! Delicious food in Flushing!

Event is free, but space is very limited – sign up here.

The jam is open to anyone – game design newbies and veterans welcome alike!

More info below.

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Where is my Heart on Windows and Mac! And Steam! This September!

Where is my Heart? is coming to Windows and Mac this September! (and Linux soon after). It will be available on both Steam and the Humble Store.

Check out the new website, too.

Where is my Heart? is a a puzzle-platformer that we originally released on Vita, PSP, and PS3. We’ve finally been able to port the game to other platforms, and we’ve even added some new touches, including some new levels, a remastered audio experience, and a new menu system!

Stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed for news about the exact September release date.

And if you enjoyed the PSN version, help us spread the word! We’re excited to share this game with more people.

You can play the new port at PAX Prime this week! We’ll be at the Indie MEGABOOTH (#866, at the front-right), showing it alongside Sportsfriends.

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PAX Prime 2013! Tournaments!

(Footage of the J.S. Joust tournament at PAX East 2013)


Headed to PAX Prime this year?

We’ll be there! Come say hello to us at our booth at the Indie MEGABOOTH (#866, at the front-right), where we’ll be showing the Sportsfriends games and the upcoming PC/Mac port of Where is my Heart (full details/news on that soon).

We’re also running three tournaments:

Johann Sebastian Joust
Saturday, August 31, 2pm
Queue Room
The special 18-player version! Teams of three

Sunday, September 1, 2pm
Gute Fabrik booth
1v1 matches

Super Pole Riders & Hokra biathlon
Monday, September 2, 2pm
Gute Fabrik booth
2v2 matches

There will be fabulous prizes, including brand new terrycloth Sportsfriends wristbands! And more.

We’re taking early signups, if you want to guarantee yourself a spot. For the BaraBariBall tournament, signup here. For J.S. Joust and the Monday biathlon, send us a quick mail at You can signup your whole team – just provide all the names. Or, if you’d like to participate but don’t have a team, signup anyway and we’ll try to find one for you. We’ll also be taking signups at our booth… as long as space remains!

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Sportsfriends update – meet the team!

Hello from Los Angeles!

I’m here at E3 this week demoing Sportsfriends (and some of our other games).

We’ve been hard at work on Sportsfriends since getting successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter last December. If you’re interested in some of the new gameplay features and some of the new visual art, check out this update I posted on the Sony blog this week.

In this post, I want to give an update about how the development process has been going, and introduce some of the people who have joined the Sportsfriends team this year.

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Hokra and BaraBariBall at PAX East and GDC!

 Hokra at IndieCade 2012

Photo via IndieCade flickr stream


Hey Sportsfriends fans!

In addition to our big J.S. Joust tournament, we’re also running Hokra and BaraBariBall tournaments this coming week:

– PAX East, Saturday, March 23 - Hokra+BaraBariBall biathlon at the Kickstarter Arcade
– GDC 2013, Tuesday, March 26 - Hokra tournament at the Rumpus Royale

At PAX East, we’re also doing a Sportsfriends panel on Friday, March 22. Moderated by Penny Arcade Report’s Ben Kuchera!

More details after the jump.

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J.S. Joust Tournament at PAX East!

J.S. Joust at PAX PrimeJ.S. Joust at PAX Prime 2012 (photo via Penny Arcade Report)


Heading to PAX East?

We’re running an official Johann Sebastian Joust tournament this Saturday, March 23, from 7pm to 9pm. Get there early if you’re participating!

The tournament is open to 48 players and will feature teams of three! (so, 16 teams)

Sign-ups begin Saturday morning at 10am. Interested players should head to the Console Tournament room to sign-up. It’s best to sign up with a team, but if you don’t have one, sign-up anyway and we’ll try to find you a team (but no promises!)l

Logistical info here, and more info about the tournament structure after the jump.

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