Job call: Looking for a freelance 2D animator

We’re Die Gute Fabrik, the creators of Where Is My Heart and Sportsfriends, and we’re looking for a freelance 2D character animator/contractor for our upcoming adventure game, Mutazione.

Mutazione is a character-driven adventure game about a teenage girl Kai who is stranded in a village of friendly mutants in a strange overgrown future. The focus of the game is on exploration, atmosphere, characters, and story.

We’re looking for someone who can:
– Work directly with Nils to help bring his illustrations to life
– Work with vector files
– Animate both characters and creatures
– Animate “everyday life” actions like walking, sitting, fishing
– Successfully communicate the laidback feel of the game world

It helps if you’re:
– Familiar with Unity
– Based in Copenhagen or London
– Comfortable communicating in English

The job is paid, starting September 1 (or possibly earlier) and lasting two months, with a possibility of extending for a longer duration.

Interested? Send us your resume and portfolio at

village-lifeScreenshot from our current build. Spike, Tung, and friends go fishing!

Gute Fabrik at 2014 Roskilde Festival

JS JoustPhoto by Anoop Ranganath

Last year we ran some installation games at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival.

We’ll be there again next week! Come join us for J.S. Joust and Edgar Rice Soirée.

Where: Art Zone at Roskilde Festival (near the Orange Stage)
What: J.S. Joust returns to Roskilde! And Edgar Rice Soirée, our crazy jungle game!
When: July 3–6, Edgar Rice Soirée till 8pm, then J.S. Joust until 10pm

More info below.

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Let’s Play Videos + Monetization

Did you see, YouTube giant Pewdiepie did a Let’s Play of Sportsfriends. Pretty funny!

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting some questions from YouTubers and live-streamers about where people have permission to publish and monetize videos of Die Gute Fabrik games (such as Sportsfriends and Where Is My Heart).

The answer is: yes! And it’s totally cool to monetize those videos (as long as you’re not claiming ownership over or selling any part of the games themselves). We’ve amended our presskit with a statement of explicit permission.

(Actually running the games themselves at for-profit events is a different matter. For inquiries, send us an email).

It’s an honor to watch people play our games, and we appreciate efforts to help spread the word about our games. Thanks!

Where Is My Heart is finally out for Windows and Mac!

Brown Spirit calling AAAAAAaaay!

“Aaaaaaay!” Relax, we’re here. First of all, lean back and listen to the beautiful Where Is My Heart soundtrack, composed by Alessandro Coronas:

And now for the big news:

Our kaleidoscopic puzzle platformer Where Is My Heart has finally arrived for Windows and Mac! Buy it on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

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When is Where is my Heart? May 29!

Finally our unconventional puzzler Where is my Heart is coming to Steam, Humble Store and GOG, next week, Thursday May 29!

The initial release will be Mac and Windows, and Linux will follow as soon as we can.

Alessandro our composer recently told me: “Good things take time.”  And this thing took a long time for several reasons, some technological, some personal. It was a challenge for us to port it to all the various sub-systems for Windows and Mac.

But now we’re there and we’re happy and proud to announce it! The port includes some new features:

– New levels, some of which are bonus levels
– Steam achievements (some of which will be hard to crack!)
– All-new UI and new level select interface
– Customizable key settings
– Simple but finely tuned modifications to graphics and audio

If you’re press or a live-streamer and want to get in touch about reviews or interviews, email us at

We’re excited to get this definitive version of the game out to more people. We hope you give it a try!

Week of Sportsfriends!


Did you hear the news? Sportsfriends – which features our motion control game Johann Sebastian Joust – is out for PlayStation 3 +4 next week! May 6 in the Americas, and May 7 in Australia/Europe.

To celebrate, we’re organizing some public events in the week following release. To start, we’re running tournaments in both New York and London. Details below.

If you’d like to run your own Sportsfriends tournament/event in your own town, let us know! We’ll list it here and spread the word. We even have a few PSN codes to give to event organizers. Email us.

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