Where is my Heart level sketches, Part 1


These are sketches I made for the Where is my Heart? levels. Some of them made it more or less into the game, some never did. There are mild spoilers ahead, but if you just can’t stand spoilers, don’t make the jump.


 Sketch of the 3rd level, now called “Wilderness”. This made it into the game almost unaltered.

Sketches about finding level ideas. There were two planes, where we could add challenges to the level, the real level layout, and the representation of the levels in panels. In the end it had to work on both layers. It was quite easy to add difficulty, but you really had to keep it simple if the level introduced a new game mechanic.

 A first sketch of the one of the last levels, that would get a lot of iterations and later become a level called “The Fortress.” 

Sketches for the first levels and their frameconfigurations. One of them made it into the game…

To wrap this round of levels up, here’s a level that was made for charging the players batteries after a series of really hard levels.

It was called “Waterfalls,” but choosing this name for the level turned up to be a little irritating, since the word seemed to trigger the TLC song in my head. We changed the name later on to “Old Man Willow” and eventually decided against the Lord of the Rings analogy and just went with “The Old Willow.”

6 Responses to Where is my Heart level sketches, Part 1

  1. beautifull sketches. Can I please use them as an excellent example for my classes Game Design? I’m trying to teach my students to sketch, not only to make finished art.

  2. Rod says:

    Thanks for this great insight into the making of your wonderful game. I’m already playing through it a third time!

  3. Norm says:

    What does it take to beat chapter13? My wife and I have been trying for hours…. It seems impossible 🙁

  4. Norm says:

    Thank you! I wouldn’t be sad if guides to the rest of the levels were posted somewhere. Unfortunately, Where Is My Heart is difficult to google 😉