Where is my Heart released today!

(in Europe that is, you people in the New World have to wait until next week)

We’re proud and happy that our new PSP/PS3 game Where is my Heart is finally seeing the light of day. To make this jubilation complete, we’ll treat you with one of the songs from the game soundtrack, which will be released in the near future. This is a remix Alessandro made for the trailer. So even if you don’t own a new generation¬†Sony console, there’s a reason to celebrate with us. Cheers!



2 Responses to Where is my Heart released today!

  1. We see many pixel art games based on old platforming mechanics with happy little chip tunes nowadays: but Where is my heart? is one of the few that ever mattered, and that it’s because there is actual wit and sentiment put to it. You have a great ensemble here.

    It was a pleasure to play it.