Mutatione Log #1

“It’s a girl!”

So we’ve been working on Mutatione in a team of 6 people for 2 months now. With the prototype support from the Danish Film Institute it was possible to work concentrated on the project and we’re quite satisfied with what came out of it so far. By the way, the main character in the prototype is a girl, though we’d like to have both sexes in the final game.

The game mechanics remind a lot of the 2D Prince of Persia, Flashback or the polygon classic “another world”. I just love those games. Anyways, for Mutatione we try to have a stronger focus on the story and the mood of the game, especially when it comes to sound and music.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how this works out, but I guess the scope and the development speed of the game depend a lot on the funding we’ll get in the future.

However, I hope to work on Mutatione a lot more…

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