MAGFest 13 Bonanza!

JS Joust at MAGFest 2014JS Joust at MAGFest 2014 (photo by Emi Spicer)

We’re headed back to MAGFest this year! (next weekend)

Last year we exhibited Sportsfriends, as well as a special 18-player version of Johann Sebastian Joust. It was one of the best showings we’ve ever done of the game!

This year we’ll be focusing on JS Joust. On Saturday night (see details below), we’re planning to run the largest game ever assembled – over 30 players, assuming our new tech holds up properly. Our colleague Jonathan Whiting is flying out all the way from England to help make it possible.

We’ll be joined by our friend Shawn Pierre, from Philadelphia. Shawn is making his own PlayStation Move game, Henka Twist Caper, that similarly explores forward-thinking motion control gaming. He’ll be running the game alongside ours. We hope you’ll come try it!

On a more personal note, January 2015 marks the fourth (!!) anniversary of JS Joust, which I originally prototyped at the 2011 Nordic Game Jam. A lot has happened since! In addition to publishing the game on PSN and Steam, I’ve exhibited JS Joust in numerous locales around the world, from atop the Cologne Cathedral, to the streets of Shanghai, to the sand dunes of Death Valley. I’m very fortunate to have had these opportunities, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped make those sessions happen.

JS Joust in CologneJS Joust atop the Cologne Cathedral (photo by Dean Tate)

That said, it’s finally time to put JS Joust behind me and focus on new projects. Next weekend will probably be the final time I publicly exhibit the game, at least for the near future. I hope other people will continue to run the game themselves! If you’d like to exhibit the game at your event, drop us a line.

Meanwhile, if you’ll be at MAGFest, I hope you’ll join us. And tell your friends! Full info below. See the official MAGFest schedule for more info.

JS Joust and Henka Twist Caper at MAGFest 13

Arena room

Friday, Jan 23, 10pm-2am
Saturday, Jan 24, 1-4pm and 10pm-2am

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