Sportsfriends is out on Steam and Humble Store!

Sportsfriends Holidays!

It’s a holiday miracle! Sportsfriends is now live on Steam and Humble Store, for Windows/Mac/Linux! Finally!

To celebrate, we’re also doing a 10% off sale over the next week.

We’d appreciate any help getting out the word. Tell the world about Sportsfriends! Give the game a good review on Steam!

For more info about the release, see our previous post or the Sportsfriends press kit.

We’re delighted to wrap up 2014 having released the game on both PSN and Home Computers. We did it, we actually did it! Sportsfriends is a pretty weird game that had little chance in the traditional industry… and yet the game is out now, to enthusiastic reviews. None of this could have happened without all our backers.

We’ll have more to say soon, as we’d like to take a moment to do some proper reflection. But for now, enjoy the holidays. And if you’ve been enjoying Sportsfriends, help us tell the world about today’s Steam and Humble Store release!

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