Sportsfriends – Summer 2014 Update

With Summer 2014 quickly coming to a close, we want to update everyone on the current status of Sportsfriends.

Sportsfriends on PlayStation Plus

For the month of September, Sportsfriends will be part of the September game lineup for PS Plus subscribers! Tell your friends!

Sportsfriends is the kind of game that spreads by word of mouth, so we jumped at the opportunity to get the game in front of a huge group of potential new players. More than anything, we’re hoping that PlayStation fans who might have written off local multiplayer will get the chance to see just how worthwhile it can be.

Bi-directional cross-buy

As some of you know, the Sportsfriends cross-buy situation has been a little wonky. As it stands now, cross-buy is activated only if you buy the game on PS3, and not PS4. This confusing situation is the result of some complicated contractual obligations.

The good news is, we were finally able to iron out the complications. Starting next week, Sportsfriends will now be fully cross-buy! And if you already bought the game on PS4, you’ll retroactively be granted access to the PS3 version.

Home Computers port

Yup, we’re still working on the Home Computers port of Sportsfriends.

It’s been a tough slog, and our programmer Jonathan has been fighting all sorts of nasty technical issues on all three platforms. Sportsfriends is an especially tricky game to port because of the Bluetooth issues surrounding Johann Sebastian Joust.

But we are indeed making progress, and our backers have been playing and testing the beta version. If you want to follow our progress, see the public changelist that we’ve been updating.

We’re still having lots of trouble getting the PlayStation Move controller working natively on Windows, but we aren’t ready to give up yet. We may actually hire another person to help us, if we think that will help – more on that in a future post.

We’re getting lots of inquiries about when the Steam version will be available to the public. We’re currently considering releasing what we have on Steam Early Access in September so that everyone can enjoy the game as we continue to tune it and address technical problems. After all, most of the games are working well.

For more news, watch this space, and follow us on Twitter.

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  1. “Place the PS4 Controller on your head to heavily increase difficulty”

    Downloaded Sportsfriends a few days ago for a party (got it free with PS Plus) and totally had a blast.
    BBB almost leaded to some fist fighting though.

    Greetings and Liebe from germany,

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