Where Is My Heart is finally out for Windows and Mac!

Brown Spirit calling AAAAAAaaay!

“Aaaaaaay!” Relax, we’re here. First of all, lean back and listen to the beautiful Where Is My Heart soundtrack, composed by Alessandro Coronas:

And now for the big news:

Our kaleidoscopic puzzle platformer Where Is My Heart has finally arrived for Windows and Mac! Buy it on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Compared to its older PlayStation cousin, this version has several new features:

— Five new levels
— All-new UI and new level select interface
— Customizable key settings
— Enhanced graphics and audio
— For Steam users: achievements

The new edition of the soundtrack comes with new tracks! You can purchase it here.

For more info on the game you can always visit the website and the press kit.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s also be a 10% launch discount during the first week.

We hope you’ll enjoy Where Is My Heart.

(And yes, the Linux version is still on the way…)

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