Sportsfriends out for PS3 and PS4!

Our local multiplayer collection Sportsfriends goes on sale on PSN today!

(Well, today on PSN Americas. It goes on sale in Europe and Australia tomorrow, May 7)

It’s available as a digital download on both PS3 and PS4. And if you purchase Sportsfriends on PS3, you’ll also be entitled to download the PS4 version for free.




Sportsfriends is a collection of multiple games. Not dumb throwaway mini-games, but fully fledged, deeply competitive local multiplayer games.

Sportsfriends includes:

Johann Sebastian Joust – award-winning face-to-face physical party game
Super Pole Riders – ridiculous pole vault dueling game by the creator of QWOP
Hokra – high-velocity, spectator-friendly 2v2 sports game
BaraBariBall – retro-styled fighting game with a ball

Oh, and there are tons of secrets, including some pretty big ones…



JS Joust + DualShock

You do not need a PlayStation Move to play Sportsfriends! We totally love the Move, and it’s a perfect fit for J.S. Joust (on both PS3 and PS4), but you can also play J.S. Joust with the DS3 and DS4!

The DS4 is especially nice, as we use the LED and the speaker to help signal gameplay animation.

You don’t need a camera either. No Sportsfriends game makes use of the camera.



Sportsfriends - Share Controllers

Don’t own so many controllers? No problem! We’ve made it so you can play Hokra and Super Pole Riders by “sharing” a controller with your teammate or opponent.

When you share a controller, you use one analog stick and the other person uses the other stick.

That means you only need one controller to play Super Pole Riders, and two for Hokra! (Tip: 1v1 Hokra is super fun! Split your brain and control both players on your team.)




Our favorite videogame memories involve playing with other people, together, in the same space. Think of Sportsfriends as an occasion to bring people together, both friends and strangers alike.

The Sportsfriends games are deliberately simple – no-frills multiplayer honed down to its raucous essentials. We wanted to make games that were spectator-friendly, accessible, and enjoyable for both hardcore gamers and non-gamers alike. We’re really proud of the end result, and think you’ll dig it too.



We’re super thrilled to have released the game on PSN, but our work isn’t over. We’re hard at work porting the games to Mac, Linux, Windows. We plan to release those versions later in Summer 2014, and will have more news for our backers soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Luan Nguyen says:

    When will the codes get out to the backers? (I haven’t been able to login to my kickstarter page right now so if it’s there, cool!)

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