Sportsfriends! May 6 on PS3 + PS4

[Cross-posted from the PlayStation blog]

We’re extremely pleased to announce that, after many months of hard work and playtesting, we’re finally done with the PlayStation version of Sportsfriends!

We’re releasing Sportsfriends on PS3 and PS4 on May 6 in the Americas ($14.99), and May 7 in Europe and Australia (€13.99). That’s in less than two weeks!

Here’s a breakdown of features by platform:

Both PS3 and PS4 versions feature:

– Four award-winning multiplayer games
– No-bulls**t – local multiplayer in its purest form
– Rich variety of modes and gameplay settings
– Build and save your own Hokra arenas — Optional: PlayStation®Move motion controller support for Johann Sebastian Joust
– Some of the weirdest Trophies on PSN
– Tons of secrets we can’t talk about

PS4 version features:

– DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller support for all the games
– Play JS Joust with up to four players
– Play JS Joust with the DUALSHOCK®4, making special use of its speaker and LED

PS3 version features:

– DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller support for all the games
– Play JS Joust with up to seven players
– Play JS Joust with the DUALSHOCK®3
– Load your own music files into JS Joust!

As a special treat, if you purchase Sportsfriends on PS3 you’ll also be entitled to download the PS4 version for free.

We literally couldn’t have made Sportsfriends without all our enthusiastic Kickstarter backers and fans. We’re super proud of what we’ve made, and we don’t think it’ll disappoint. We hope you check it out! If you like local multiplayer, this it the game (or rather, games) for you!

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