Sportsfriends at MAGFest 2014


Noah and I are headed to MAGFest this week! And we’re bringing Sportsfriends and J.S. Joust with us.

We’ll be in Expo C all of Friday and Saturday, exhibiting the latest (near-final!) PS3 build. Come play with us! Win Sportsfriends swag!

In addition to general free play, we’re running six tournaments / special sessions:

Massive J.S. Joust!
Friday, 2pm, Expo B
Come help us play the largest game of J.S. Joust ever run. I’m bringing the special installation version of the game, and we’re going to shoot for 30+ players!

Super Pole Riders
Friday, 5pm, Expo C
1v1 tournament

Last Night J.S. Joust Session #1
Friday, 11:59pm, Expo C
Solo tournament

Saturday, 1pm, Expo C
2v2 tournament

Saturday, 4pm, Expo C
1v1 tournament

Last Night J.S. Joust Session #2
Sunday, 1am, Expo C
Teams tournament

Sign-up with us on site.

Hope to see you there! Meanwhile, you can check out the full MAGFest schedule here.

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