Where Is My Heart – Update


Hey everybody.

I know, I know…  we promised to get Where is my Heart? out on Steam in September. What happened?? Unfortunately development took so much longer than expected. We’ve been delayed by plenty of things, deployment related troubles. Bugs we found really hard to fix. Obscure system related crashes. In short, not so much fun. Currently we’re still dealing with a bug that crashes only some constellations of OSX 10.9 – very strange.

On the upside this gives us extra time to add a little more here and there, and some new levels. You can see a screenshot of one of our new levels above.

We’re doing our very best to release this winter. I’ll keep you posted how we progress. <3

-Bernie Schulenburg

7 Responses to Where Is My Heart – Update

  1. Paddy says:

    Thanks for the update. Please take all the time you need. If it makes the game better release it in winter of 2014. But pleeaaase keep us updated!!

  2. John says:

    what’s with all the polite comments? what happened to the internet here? aren’t we supposed to tell them we’re gonna do something terrible to their mothers or something?