Where is my Heart on Windows and Mac! And Steam! This September!

Where is my Heart? is coming to Windows and Mac this September! (and Linux soon after). It will be available on both Steam and the Humble Store.

Check out the new website, too.

Where is my Heart? is a a puzzle-platformer that we originally released on Vita, PSP, and PS3. We’ve finally been able to port the game to other platforms, and we’ve even added some new touches, including some new levels, a remastered audio experience, and a new menu system!

Stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed for news about the exact September release date.

And if you enjoyed the PSN version, help us spread the word! We’re excited to share this game with more people.

You can play the new port at PAX Prime this week! We’ll be at the Indie MEGABOOTH (#866, at the front-right), showing it alongside Sportsfriends.

Oh! And if you like comics, stop by our PAX booth to get a zine-style copy of Alpenland Comic (part 1), which is loosely based on Where is my Heart? the game.

4 Responses to Where is my Heart on Windows and Mac! And Steam! This September!

  1. Cesare says:

    Amazing game…if it had been released on PSP/Vita now that Sony is strongly focusing on indie titles, it would have caught much more attention. Hope that the new release can bring more people to play it.

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