Gute Fabrik at Roskilde 2013

Are you going to be at Denmark’s famous Roskilde Festival this year?

We’ll be there next week running a bunch of games!

Where: Game City in Roskilde West
What: 20+ person J.S. Joust! Games played on huge trampolines! More!
When: June 29 – July 3, 16.00-02.00 & July 4-7, 14.00-00.00

More info below.

Here’s what we’ll be showing:

— Our music-enabled physical dueling game Johann Sebastian Joust. We’re also planning to run the 20+ player version! And tournaments, with prizes!


— “Frog God Proteus” – a special installation of Ed Key and David Kanaga’s sublime music exploration game Proteusplayed on a four-meter diameter trampoline! You play as one of the frogs! Trampoline mod by George Buckenham and myself.


Get On Top – Trampoline Edition – a special installation of Bennett Foddy’s erotic 1v1 physics game Get On Topplayed on two four-meter diameter trampolines!


— More! On the side we’ll (periodically) show the Sportsfriends games, Where Is My Heart, and a live preview of our Mutazione gardens prototype! And, we’ll be showing other music games and physical games by local friends of ours, including ERVAX for 2 and possibly some improvised new games by our good friend Nifflas.



— Opening (16.00/14.00) to 20.00: Get on Top (Trampoline Edition)
— 20.00 to 22.00: Proteus Frog God Mod
— 22.00 to Closing (02.00/00.00): Johann Sebastian Joust

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