Hokra and BaraBariBall at PAX East and GDC!

Hokra at IndieCade 2012

Photo via IndieCade flickr stream

Hey Sportsfriends fans!

In addition to our big J.S. Joust tournament, we’re also running Hokra and BaraBariBall tournaments this coming week:

— PAX East, Saturday, March 23 – Hokra+BaraBariBall biathlon at the Kickstarter Arcade
— GDC 2013, Tuesday, March 26 – Hokra tournament at the Rumpus Royale

At PAX East, we’re also doing a Sportsfriends panel on Friday, March 22. Moderated by Penny Arcade Report’s Ben Kuchera!

More details after the jump.

Hokra+BaraBariBall Biathlon at PAX East

Where: PAX East, Kickstarter Arcade, Room 103
When: Saturday March 23, 10am to 3pm for freeplay, 3pm to 5pm for tournament
Sign-ups: Saturday morning/afternoon, come find us at the Kickstarter Arcade

Join us at the Kickstarter Arcade for some combo Hokra and BaraBariBall action! From 10am to 3pm, we’ll be running both Hokra and BaraBariBall for more informal “free play.” Both Ramiro and Noah will be showing off some new arenas!

Then, from 3pm to 5pm, we’re running an official Hokra + BaraBariBall tournament for teams of two. Sign-ups begin Saturday morning – just come find Ramiro or Noah in the Kickstarter Arcade. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll try to find you one.

In each round, each pairing of opposing teams will face off at both games. If one team wins both games, that team moves on to the next round. If the two teams split the matches, they play a tie-breaking match of one of the two games, selected at random.

Finally, the winning team will face each other in an epic 1v1 match of BaraBariBall. Thanks to our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment America, the winner will be getting a PlayStation Vita (w/16gb memory card)…!

And even if you don’t feel like competing, come spectate and hang out!


Hokra Championships at GDC 2013

Where: GDC 2013, West Hall, Rumpus Royale stand
When: Tuesday March 26, 10am to 3:30pm for freeplay, 4pm to 6pm for tournament
Sign-ups: Tuesday March 26 at 3:30pm

After last year’s Hokra tournament at the 2012 AOPATAD party, we’re thrilled that the game will be back at GDC this year for a 2013 Championships! Full format details to-be-announced, but for now you can read more about the Rumpus Royale here.

Also! On Wednesday March 27, Rumpus Royale will be hosting a tournament for the new 3D version of QWOP by Sportsfriends designer Bennett Foddy. It’s the same version that we’ll be giving to our “Super Sportsfriends” Kickstarter backers!

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