Enter the Stephen

(Of course I had to find a photo with Stephen holding Move controllers)


Exciting news from the factory!

We’re happy to announce that our friend Stephen Ascher has joined the Gute Fabrik team to work with us on our forthcoming action adventure “swamp opera” game, Mutazione. Stephen is going to take the role of Lead Programmer, but he’ll also be helping out on the design (on a team this small, everyone wears multiple hats).

Stephen lives in Montreal, Quebec, which means that we’re going to be working together remotely. But we hope to steal him away to Copenhagen, at least for the summer. I also secretly hope that this will give me an excuse to return to Montreal soon.

I first met Stephen this past Fall during my sabbatical in Montreal. Stephen is one of the guys who runs the Mount Royal Game Society and the annual Prince of Arcade exhibition. He and his co-organizer Nick went out of their way to welcome me to the city, and partly thanks to them I quickly got involved in the local game dev scene.

Then, in October, Stephen joined me for a field trip out to Ottawa, for one of the monthly Dirty Rectangles meetings. On the bus we got to chatting, and Stephen ended up showing me a bunch of his wacky Unity prototypes. On the ride back, we tried to jam on a small game together. We were too tired to make much progress, but from that night on I knew I wanted to work with the guy some more. And the rest is history!

Stephen will be hanging out with us at GDC next week, so if you’ve never met him before, make sure to come find us and introduce yourself!

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