Doug’s Favorite Game Trailers and Game Media of 2011


Before I get to my favorite game trailers of the year (and boy are there some good ones!) I want to highlight some written media from this year.


Doug’s Favorite Game Writing of 2011:

Kirk Hamilton and Leigh Alexander – The Final Fantasy VII Letters


Doug’s Favorite Game Review of 2011:

mellytan – You Have Obtained a Review! (of Wither)

(Wither, by the way, is a charming little game – highly recommended)


Doug’s Favorite Gaming Site/Blog of 2011:

Electron Dance

In particular, make sure to check out Joel’s “Where We Came From” series.

And a special mention to the Electron Dance video of Proteus embedded above, which features audio commentary from Joel’s kid. Adorable! Probably the closest anyone has ever come to duplicating the magic of this rare Boards of Canada b-side.


And now, without further ado…

Doug’s Favorite Game Trailers of 2011:

1. Honeyslug & Dick Hogg – Frobisher Says

(Any trailer with Dick Hogg in a bear suit is by definition an excellent trailer)

More trailers after the jump!


2. Tough Guy Studios – Time Ducks

(A fellow Danish game! Hooray!)


3. Steph Thirion – Faraway


4. Ed Key & David Kanaga – Proteus


5. Erik Svedäng & Triobelisk – Tri-Tri-Triobelisk


6. Capy – Super T.I.M.E Force


Anything else I missed? Let me know!

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